I have been wanting to shoot film for years. I inherited a 35mm from my father, but I wasn’t  really intrigued until I second shot with my friends Steph and Jen! They shot with medium format cameras.  I loved the images they captured. I finally took the leap and recently purchased a Pentax 645 and shot my first rolls of 120!

I was a little rusty loading the film. The last time and only experience I haf was helping Jen load 120 for a DC wedding a few years ago. So just like anyone else seeking knowledge I found YouTube video and got the film loaded!

I remembered the basics of shooting film by making sure the ISO matched the film and using appropriate lighting and shutter speed. I kinda winged the metering because I didn’t have a light meter yet.

The shot below was my very first frame…my furbaby Cheese.  He is the perfect model (just like his brother, Thib, RIP).


I was very stingy with my shots because I knew I only had so many. These next few shots were taken during the holidays in at La Jolla Cove in San Diego. I was very pleased with the results!



Finally I took my last shots on the roll were after the new year with my coworker and his wife.  We met at a place near Red Rock Canyon on an overcast day. I couldn’t be more pleased!


I am also pleased with The Find Lab. They processed my film and did my scans.  They also gave me feedback and was amazing with their customer service! I am in love with film and looking forward to shooting more!

Light + Love


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