I was looking for community events on social media and came across a post for a volunteer event for photographers.  This event was for creatives.  It was an annual event started by Help Portrait who was founded by photographer, Jeremy Cowart.  He’s an awesome photographer who has been involved in many community projects and has […]

In my previous blog post, I talked about my progress in 2018 and I don’t want to slow down.  For February, I want to continue to focus my business goals on being FEARLESS. What does this mean to me?  I want to push my photography to limits I didn’t know I CAN reach.  I want […]

The first month of 2018 is over.  I have two words for this year… FEARLESS + JOY.  At the end of December, I am a member of a few online communities for different reasons, one particular group I joined is consists of creative entrepreneurs that hold each other accountable, share tips, learn, grow and support […]

One of the perks of being a veteran are the education benefits.  I recently earned my MBA a few months ago and I have so much more time to relax.  Over the holidays I realized that I was tired of looking at books and reading.  But I had a list of books I wanted to […]

  Hello 2018! This is my first blog post in so long and wanted to start off the new year FEARLESS! I want to keep it simple. Three things. 1. Shoot more 2. Happy more 3. Stress less I’m big on planning and goal setting but I want to inspire myself through actions. And that is […]