In my previous blog post, I talked about my progress in 2018 and I don’t want to slow down.  For February, I want to continue to focus my business goals on being FEARLESS. What does this mean to me?  I want to push my photography to limits I didn’t know I CAN reach.  I want to feel emotions from the images I capture.  I want my clients to pause in silence when they look at their photos.  I want to blog more even if I’m not the best writer.  I want to blog and share beautiful stories of love.  I want to blog real stories and encouraging words for my fellow creatives because in an industry where there are so many of us, it’s hard to stay positive and supportive when our work is so subjective.  I’ll continue to remind myself to be FEARLESS in my actions so I can be the best photographer and business owner I can be.

I recently participated in popular  photo contest by Shoot & Share.  I participated without self-doubt and self-judgment.  It felt pretty good not second guessing myself which earned a few badges, and very encouraging. I think the best moments in my photography career have been when I was fearless.  I want to continue this approach to more projects.  Eventually I want to get featured in a wedding magazine or wedding website. But for now, I just want to capture special memories for my couples and clients.

This month, I want to continue to meet more couples for weddings and engagements.  I want to see love and and surround myself with love, I want my work to exude love.  I think it’s the perfect month for all things LOVE, don’t you?  For this month, I’ll aim to capture as much love as I can through my sessions and everyday life.

Inspiration is Everywhere

So as I sip my latte and write down my ideas, I’ll continue to let the energy in the universe guide me to good people and good energy.

I’ll also be looking to collaborate with other creatives and work on a some styled projects to help myself and other business owners grow.  I’m a member of creative communities that promote supporting and helping each other out.  I like that idea, sharing means caring.  🙂  If you are a wedding planner, vendor or creative looking to collaborate on love inspired projects, send me a message!

Light + Love


  1. Jessica says:

    This is your year to be FEARLESS, you got this!

  2. Audrey says:

    What a great word!! Fearless indeed!!!

  3. Ashton says:

    So proud of everything you are doing!

  4. Emily says:

    Wishing you a very fearless 2018!

  5. Megan says:

    You got this! Don’t let fear, or anything else, slow you down!

  6. Angie says:

    Yesss girl claim it!! You got this!

  7. Mahlia says:

    Rockstar! congratulations on your all in badge of courage!!

  8. Vanessa Hicks says:

    Girl, I am so proud of you and your word!

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