One Month Down

The first month of 2018 is over.  I have two words for this year… FEARLESS + JOY.  At the end of December, I am a member of a few online communities for different reasons, one particular group I joined is consists of creative entrepreneurs that hold each other accountable, share tips, learn, grow and support each other.  One critical task for me was choosing 3 personal goals and 3 business goals.  Here are mine:

1. Take care of my body (fitness & nutrition)
2. Travel more
3. Have more fun


As I reflect on this month I am pretty excited.

For my first personal goal, I was slow to get a head start on it.  But I’m now in the groove of fitness by lifting and running again.  My nutrition is also falling back in place (albeit slowly).  I haven’t done much traveling outside of the norm.  As far as the second goal, I traveled to see my family in California, but I don’t really consider that a ‘travel’.  I did however visit a new place the first week of the year, so I’ll take that as ‘baby steps’.  I do have an awesome trip planned and booked for New Orleans in March.  More to come on that (keep an eye out for that blog post!).  Finally, the last personal goal was to have more fun.  This month, I hosted a business presentation event (I am also a skincare consultant/entrepreneur) that did not boast many attendees.  However, with the few that attended, we managed to enjoy our mimosas and snacks, which was super fun.

Moving on to my professional goals…I’m very excited to share that I booked an engagement and wedding session in the very first week of the year!!!  YAY!  Second, I knew I wanted to blog more.  I attempted this in the past, and was not able to commit daily, and eventually just stopped all together.  I’m happy to say, that I have blogged weekly and continue to refine my blogging skills.  Finally, my website hadn’t been updated in quite some time.  I committed a few days this month to completely change my template, update, refresh and add some new features.  I’ll be updating my site again with new content I shoot this year.



I think January has been a great month, and my 2018 is off to a amazing start.  I’m looking forward to February and already prepping my blog of intentions and goals for the short month!   I hope you are going for your goals with intention and action! Keep it moving, even if its slow.  No matter what, you are making progress!

Light + Love




  1. Audrey says:

    Slow and steady is my motto these days, with “slow” being the more operative word. But we’re working on it, right??!!! Here’s to an amazing February!

  2. Love your goals. They are so attainable I know you can totally do and achieve them. You go girl.

  3. Mahlia says:

    You’re such a rockstar being accountable and revisiting your goals for progress!

  4. Ashton says:

    You are killing it!

  5. JESSICA HUNT says:

    You’re doing it, girl!! This is the hustle! I’m so proud!

  6. Tasha says:

    That’s exciting to book a wedding and an engagement the first week of 2018. Woohoo

  7. Angie McPherson says:

    I’m SO with you on those personal goals, they are mine too! We got this!!

  8. Vanessa Hicks says:

    YAY! I am loving that you are on a roll for 2018! Can’t wait to see all you do and accomplish this year

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